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12/8/2013 · 今天推出四組的免費貼圖,除了饅頭人、兔兔、熊大之後,當然還有詹姆士啦。如果大家也常常耍帥的話,快點下載詹姆士(

中文名:詹姆士 英文名:James,是社長的兒子,在公司擔任銷售規畫課的課長一職,是饅頭人在公司的好麻吉。特點:超級自戀狂的詹姆士在辦公桌上擺滿48面鏡子,雖然身為社長兒子,但他對工作可是一點

ABOUT LINE FRIENDS LINE FRIENDS is a global character brand featuring memorable characters which was originally created for use as stickers for the leading mobile messenger application LINE and its 200 million active users worldwide. With ‘BROWN

I’d just like to thank you and all of the team at Lines and James. You consistently go above and beyond for tenants – despite the landlords usually being the prime concern for letting agents. There is a significant difference between the treatment from you in